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One Million Step Challenge AWS 2019 Year End Numbers

One Million Step Challenge

AWS 2019 Year End numbers

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the AWS 2019 steps challenge.

Please remember to submit daily as I can only track those submitted.

The AWS 2020 challenge will be released tomorrow morning.

Tom Olvaney 2,362,819 NJ

Bob Richardson 1,823,018 MI

Denise Martone 1,301,921 NJ

Brian Webb 1,228,143 MI

Ron Pendleton 979,960 NJ

Billy O’Mahoney 870,166 NJ

Audrey Hawley 490,249 NJ

Joel Krause. 456,225 NJ

Shera Frobe 264,493 PA

Sheena Thornton 261,184 KY

Jennai G. 125,206 IN

Felix Cruz Jr 124,766 NJ

Raymond Vasquez 83,680 NY

Anne Grogan 22,908 MD

Mike Wiley 8,000 PA

Herb Kolodny 2,769 CT

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