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Amputee Walking & Running School


Allows for continued training of the amputee following completion of physical therapy.  Training is catered to patient’s abilities.  Patient receives support and encouragement from other amputees of varying ability levels.  Patients are welcome to receive training for as long as deemed necessary.




After the clinic the physical therapist will be able to:

1. Initiate an exercise program for lower extremity amputees.

2. Teach advanced stretching and strengthening exercises for lower extremity amputees.

3. Assist prosthetic patients in meeting their strength, flexibility, and fitness goals.




4. Help amputees improve their walking and running gaits through better understanding of the prosthetic device and contributing muscles.

5. Refer patients to disabled sports resources for additional outlets for sports and recreation.






Our mission is to help our patients and families reach lifeskill goals by providing a community service program that continues training after the rehabilitation process has ended.

Our amputee walking school is in its 27th year with programs and classes are being held throughout the country in over 8 states and 18 cities.

Our Amputee Walking Schools are hosted as 2 hour programs or pasrt of a full day continuing education courses.



In education programs, therapists receive little training on the biomechanics of prosthetic devices and how to teach the amputee how to run, jump, bend and maneuver with the device. By providing such training, the therapist can introduce these principles to the amputee patient early in the rehabilitation process and thus orient him/her toward an active, productive lifestyle.This clinic will greatly enhance the basic training physical therapists receive in school. The level of  training and advanced exercises are appropriate for use with patients of all ages to improve ambulating.


Through Inservices at health care institutions we deliver our goals and objectives in a one hour program.


We are also nationally credentialed for case manager ceu credits as well.

Looking to inform the whole team is an approach we have encouraged over the last 27 years. By providing the longest possible continuum of care to best take care of our loved one's and family members.we are helping amputees reach life skill goals.






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Amputee Walking School 



The amputee walking school will introduce exercises and stretches for lower limb amputees of all ages and various levels of amputation.  Treatment approaches for improved function and return to an active lifestyle will be presented.  This will also include instruction on advanced exercises and running techniques for above- and below-knee amputees.


Although amputee walking school participants may not initially be interested in competition, amputee and orthopedically impaired individuals desire to learn to achieve the best performance from their orthotic or prosthetic devices.  Understanding the dynamics of how the artificial devices work, and how to use their muscles properly to control these devices will enable individuals with disabilities to run, move from side-to-side, bend down, jump, climb stairs and walk with confidence.  With increased strength and flexibility, participants will be able to operate more efficiently, expend less energy and, thus, do more each day without fatigue.


The amputee walking school applies hands-on participation techniques.  The amputees go through the full-range of stretching and strengthening exercises, assisted by a trained professional and/or their spouse/family member.  Those amputees who are more advanced are taught how to run, while others have the opportunity to review the basic exercises, are shown advanced options to work towards and then coached on ways to improve their walking gait. 


Meet The Team

Todd Schaffhauser

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Todd became an above-the-knee amputee at the age of 15 as a result of cancer. Determined to regain an active lifestyle, he pursued competitive athletics for the first time in his life. In 1988, Todd qualified for the Paralympics Track and Field Team and won a gold medal by completing the 100m event in a time of 15.77 seconds. In the 1995 World Games in Germany, he broke his own world record by running the 100m in 14.55 seconds.

Dennis Oehler

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Dennis became a below-the-knee amputee at age 24 as a result of an automobile accident. Dennis was determined to resume his athletic endeavors and qualified for the 1988 Paralympic Track and Field Team. In Seoul, Korea he set the world record for the 100m event in 11.73 s and won gold medals in the 200- and 400-meter events.

Thera-Band & Tubing

Thera-Band Bands & Tubing are a top resistance training choice of therapists and trainers. Thera-Band Bands are 6 inches wide and come in either a 6 yard box or a 50 yard box. Thera-Band Tubing comes in 100' coils of 4 different resistance levels. Cut the Thera-Band tubing to the length you need, and use with optional handles or door anchor

Latex Loop Bands

Professional Resistance Band Loops are continuous loop elastic bands in the recognized Thera-Band® color progression. They can be used for a variety of applications, particularly lower body exercises to increase strength and balance. 

Click on picture and search

 Loop Bands. Reccomend multiplie bands so you progress.

Reebok Core Board

The Reebok core board improves core strenght by activating the body's natural stabilizers.


Strengthens the body's core using resistance, recoil and reaction.

Adjust the difficulty level to accomodate all training levels.

The Core Board tilts, rocks and swivels in all directions.

Eight attachment points are located around the platform for resistance tubing.

The Reebok Core Board's large platform measures 29" W x 22" Deep x 6" H.



Amputee Walking School:


Phone: (516)-381-0115

50 Bryant Ave Roslyn, NY 11576





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